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Convenient and easy to use, the Canon WS-220TSG 12-digit LCD desktop calculator is an essential accessory for every business or home office. It features essential functions such as grand total recording, cost, cost per sale, margin, and tax calculations. Its color-coded keypad and large 12-digit LCD display let you calculate and view your results in comfort. This compact calculator stays within easy reach without cluttering your desk. It also features an adjustable tilt display for easy reading, and provides stable, long-lasting use in any situation with battery and solar power.

  • Wide LCD display with adjustable tilt 12 digits and 3 decimal places
  • Wide keyboard with color-coded keys for ease of use
  • Business calculations such as cost, sale, margin, and taxes
  • Keystroke chaining function for fast and accurate entry
  • Includes a GT (Grand Total) memory function to store results
  • Features an auto power off function that activates after approximately 7 minutes of inactivity to save power
  • Dual solar and battery power source for continuous operation
  • Display size: 103 mm x 20 mm
  • Character size: 16 mm x 6.5 mm
  • Calculator weight: 167 g / 5.9 oz
  • Made from partially recycled materials for a more environmentally friendly choice

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