Conseils pour économiser votre argent à la maison

Tips for saving your money at home

Many people think that there aren't many good methods for saving money at home. However, there's actually a never-ending list of creative ways to put extra cash back into your wallet. Whether you want to learn how to save money on printer ink or how to prepare a budget-friendly meal, read on to discover some of the best tips and tricks to ensure you see a substantial increase in household savings by some months.

How to Save Money on Printer Ink

Epson color ink cartridges

Although it may be hard to believe, printer ink is one of the most expensive products we buy regularly - and learning how to save money on printer ink can help increase revenue of your household. According to statistics, you can buy over 750 gallons of gasoline for the same price as a gallon of printer ink! In this vein, you should aspire to get as much profit as possible from every drop of ink you purchase.

Change your font

Get the most out of your ink when you switch from a larger font like Times New Roman to a smaller font, like Garamond, when printing documents. Another way to save money on printer ink is to try newly developed economical fonts that print with microscopic gaps in each letter. Although these gaps are not visible to the naked eye, they can save you up to 25% in ink usage.

Get a new printer

Instead of purchasing a laser printer, typically required by workspaces that print in bulk, consider opting for an inkjet model. This is the best printer to save money on ink for those who occasionally print smaller batches. If you don't mind reading smaller characters, you can also print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Simply adjust the settings in the drop-down menu under "Pages Per Sheet" in your printer options.

Use remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

Wondering other ways to save money on printer ink? Buy remanufactured cartridges online, rather than the OEM cartridges you find in stores. If you tend to run out of color ink faster than average, you can also try printing everything unimportant in black and white. Remember to change your settings as web pages tend to automatically print in color.

Continue printing

If these options for saving money on printer ink are not immediately available to you and your printer light indicates that you are out of ink or toner, you do not have to worry you. You may simply have more ink than your printer is designed to recognize! Sometimes printers report that their cartridges are empty, even though they still contain up to 30% of the cartridge's ink. In these cases, continue printing until the ink is dry.

Increase your energy efficiency with your thermostat

When you use an adjustable thermostat, you can significantly reduce your energy bills because you can keep the thermostat off when you're not home. Recent surveys have confirmed that most Americans who own adjustable thermostats rarely program their devices because they don't know how to operate them properly. Learning how to program your thermostat can save you up to 15% on your energy bills, so it's a crucial tool to have in your savings arsenal.

The most convenient aspect of adjustable thermostats is that you can set it and forget it. There are several programs offered by different units, depending on the needs of your home. Some models allow you to program on and off times throughout the week, while other models allow you to program different settings for weekdays and weekends. It's best to get a unit that allows you to pre-program it for the winter and summer months.

Plus, you can schedule your own sleep and wake times, as well as the times you leave for work and return home. The thermostat will adjust the temperature to keep you comfortable at any time of the day, while saving you money!

Cut your cable TV

TV's on Display in Showroom

Many people find they are tired of spending over $100 a month to watch just a few quality channels. There may also be hidden fees and a multitude of service issues to resolve. Although some customers want to cut cable out of their lives for good, they may not know how to keep up with their favorite TV shows, cheer on their favorite sports teams, or watch the latest movies. There are many alternatives to cable that are more affordable. and just as convenient as cable programming!

Use an antenna

Over-the-air antenna services offer many local stations within range of most cities. Since ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW affiliates are required by the FCC to send an over-the-air signal, you may be able to receive your favorite TV channels for free. As of 2009, these signals are digital only, meaning the quality is clear and high definition. You can also purchase a live DVR specifically designed for recording digital signals.

Consider streaming services

You might also consider streaming services to get those shows, movies, and events that you might not always find on streaming networks. Some streaming services are set up for movies, shows, and even cable-exclusive programming. These streaming services can have fees ranging from $8 to $20 per month and are available on internet-connected devices.

If you are unable to stream internet content directly to your TV, you can simply purchase a streaming device that fits your TV model. Most connect via cords and plug directly into the wall.

However, it is important to note that if you choose to stream content, it is best to opt for an Internet service provider that offers unlimited data cap. Similar to understanding how to save money on printer ink, saving on your data is an important way to reduce costs.

Using a slow cooker

Slow cooking has become quite trendy lately. It seems like every month there is a plethora of new cookbooks that feature easy-to-prepare meals that require little skill to prepare. In addition to making cooking easier, a slow cooker also saves you money over time!

You can buy tons of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and meats in bulk, which can save you a ton of money in the long run. Remember, it's best to prepare your slow-cooked meals right away and freeze them for future use. Produce purchased in large quantities can rot before you have a chance to use it all if you cook one meal a day.

You will also save considerably on your energy bills. Slow cookers use very little electricity and do not require natural gas or other fuels used for cooking on the stove or in the oven! You can use this magical machine to prepare a warm, comforting meal that should be ready right when you get home from work. Not only is it thrifty, but with veggies, beans, and fruit, it's also a health-conscious idea.

Save money with

These are just a few of the ways you can save money around your home. No matter where you are in your financial journey, it's always possible to change your lifestyle and start saving your hard-earned money. Sometimes you just need to take a few small steps in the right direction to reach your bigger financial goals. By learning how to save money on printer ink, slow cook meals, cut cords, and use an adjustable thermostat, you should be off to a good start.

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